Renewing Bodies. Invigorating Spirits. Awakening Minds.
Here at Balian Springs, we want to provide an inclusive sanctuary of diverse wellness offerings, thoughtfully curated to promote a meaningful balance between all aspects of well-being - mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual - for the members of our Club, in a supportive social setting.
We foster community and wellness, together. Shifting from a “me time”, usually associated with self-care, to a “we time” mentality. Marrying the social aspects of relaxation and stress relief with the more traditional wellness offerings, we all can reach health goals with the help of a support system. 
"Self-care shouldn't be a luxury for some, self-care is a necessity for all."

- Stephanie Chon, Founder

Step into an oasis of wellbeing and tranquility. Imagine a place where your wellness is not an afterthought, but a priority. A place centered around all the best parts of being alive. Disconnect from the busy outside world and reconnect to yourself.

The inspiration for Balian Springs came from a trip to Bali, Indonesia where spirituality, rituals, and traditions harmoniously blend with the social and luxurious aspects of life. In line with the growing market for Social Clubs and community-based wellness programs, Balian Springs will expand on the traditional definition of “self-care,” made accessible for anyone looking for a balanced lifestyle.

This first-of-its-kind daily admission-based Wellness Club is designed to transport you to your favorite tropical oasis.
Our world-class facility features eight themed saunas, hydrotherapy & plunge pools, seven modern therapy lounges, wellness workshops, day spa, CBD & adaptogen bars, elevated eateries, fitness center, rooftop infinity pool, and more.

Welcome to Balian Springs.

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