Exclusive Therapeutic Pools & Saunas.
Enjoy our Premium Aqua Lounge. Reserved only to Annual Members,
daily members can gain access for an admission price.

Traditional Use of the Aqua Lounge

Featuring warm, hot & cold plunge pools. dry & steam saunas and showers
Step One

Head-to-toe cleanse and exfoliation in showers PRIOR to entering baths.

Step Two

Emersion in one or more of the heated tubs. Soaking inside heated waters helps open up pores, improves blood circulation, and reduces aches or pains.

Step Three

Use of dry and wet sauna rooms.

Step Four

Scrub massage treatment Body scrubs are a traditional Korean practice of cleansing and exfoliation that uses textured gloves to remove dead skin, dirt, while increasing circulation and firming the skin.

Step Five

Another shower and/or soaking in heated tubs.

Step Six

Quick immersion in the cold plunge. Exposure to cold water improves the circulatory system as well as aids lymphatic drainage. Surface blood vessels constrict and drive blood back into the organs. Shorts spurts of drastic temperature changes tighten up the skin, builds the immune system, and helps rid the formation of cellulite.

Initial Steps
Check In

A government-issued ID will be required to check-in, and there may be a bag-check for any outside foods/beverages, and/or other prohibited items. After check-in, you will receive a numbered electronic wristband to wear, which will be used throughout your visit. Conservative swimwear is suggested in order to enjoy all of our amenities. Plan your visit to last at least half a day long for full enjoyment.

Locker Rooms

After placing your shoes in the shoe locker you will receive your wristband which you will use throughout your stay. Your wristband is used inside the clothing locker room. Here you will be provided with a bag, robe, towel, and slippers. Robes are required to be worn during your stay.


Amenities include indoor/outdoor Hydrotherapy pools, Saunas and Steam rooms, an array of lounges and eateries. Departments times are subject to change. 20% service charge added to all services

Check Out

After returning your bag, robe, towel, and slippers you will provide reception with your wristband. Any a la carte services, food, and beverages you enjoyed will be settled during checkout. Once your tab has been closed, you may return your wristband and retrieve your shoes from the shoe lockers.

"The ability to be in the present moment is a major component of mental wellness."

- Abraham Maslow

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