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May 2023 | June 2023

May 2023

Self-Care and Inner Strength: Empowering the Mind-Body Connection What do chakras have to do with face and body treatments?

Have you ever heard a child describe a feeling? Often, while their developing brains are forming insight and meaning, they cannot differentiate between what is physical and what is mental. You might hear a child say, “my heart hurts” when they are feeling sad or “my chest is exploding” when encountering stress. 

As adults, we somehow tend to separate the mind and body as unique things. However, psychological research and spiritual traditions continue to remind us that they are anything but distinct. In actuality, a child’s physical manifestation of an inner feeling is far more accurate than perhaps many of us might think. 

Our physical bodies tell the stories of our lives. We carry literal scars from experiences in the natural world, but, perhaps more importantly, we wear our traumas and joys through our physical selves. This is most practically presented through physical conditions like anxiety, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, stomach ulcers, or frequent illnesses. 

One way to think of this mind-body connection is through a lens of energy psychology. Energy is the interface between the mind and the physical body, like electricity that connects software to hardware. 

At Balian Springs, we think of these energy centers in our body that receive, assimilate, store, and transmit life force energy as chakras. There are seven overall, covering everything from security and imagination to love, intuition, or communication. 

Our unconscious mind programs where to send energy in our body, dictating when we are safe or when we feel loved, for example. It controls our fight-or-flight response and sends messages to tell our physical body how it should react. However, it does not always operate in a way that serves us best. In fact, it can have blockages or misfires. 

Our chakras can easily become out of balance, blocked, or overactive, causing psychological and physiological sensations. A blocked chakra might also manifest itself through the physical impacts of stress, anger, sadness, or indecisiveness. 

The good news? 

Renewal, inner strength, and energy alignment are all a treatment away at Balian Springs. For centuries, the ancient arts of massage, aromatherapies, and the compounding of medicinal herbs have treated the mind and the body. Our purpose and mission at Balian is to create a wellness community that shares this missional approach to health and wellbeing. 

Whether you are seeking peace from a hectic life, physical renewal from a challenging athletic pursuit, or simply reducing stress—we can help you find wellness from the outside in. 

Your daily entrance fee gives you complete access to all of the amenities at the entire Balian Springs facility.

Spend the day at Balian Springs Social Club for Wellness and explore all the Club amenities included in your purchase. From hydrotherapy plunge pools to specialty sauna rooms including Chromotherapy or Far Infrared specifically designed to rejuvenate your chakras, Balian Springs’ mission is to renew bodies, invigorate spirits, and awaken minds.  

Then, enjoy a CBD-infused pina colada before settling into one of the plunge pools inside the Aqua Lounge for a modern day bathhouse experience. Inside, you will find a dry sauna, steam room, and three plunge pools ranging from 104 to 50 degrees. Before you leave, don’t miss Niko Niko sushi bar, with delicious and nutritious rolls crafted by a DC favorite Sushi Chef, who trained under Morimoto.  

At the end of your day with us, you will depart with a body at peace and balance. 

Visit us and start your journey toward inner strength and renewal. 

June 2023

The Healing Benefits of Chromotherapy

In the pursuit of holistic well-being, we often seek alternative therapies that go beyond conventional methods. One practice that has gained recognition for its healing potential is chromotherapy, also known as color therapy. Drawing from ancient wisdom and modern science, chromotherapy utilizes the power of colors to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual balance. In this blog post, we will delve into the captivating world of chromotherapy, exploring its healing benefits and how you can take advantage of Balian Springs’ chromotherapy services.

Understanding Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy is based on the principle that different colors possess unique energetic qualities that can influence our mind, body, and spirit. Each color in the visible spectrum carries a specific frequency and vibration and when applied strategically can stimulate various aspects of our being. Whether through the use of colored light, visualization, or exposure to specific hues, chromotherapy can restore harmony within our energetic system and facilitate holistic healing.

Healing Through Color

Red: Red is associated with vitality, energy, and mental stimulation. It is used to boost circulation, enhance physical strength, and increase motivation. Red can be used to address issues related to fatigue or lack of confidence.

Orange: Orange is often associated with joy, creativity, and emotional well-being. It is used to stimulate enthusiasm, promote positive relationships, and encourage a sense of adventure. Orange can be beneficial for those seeking relief from depression, stagnation, or creative blocks.

Yellow: Yellow is associated with mental clarity, optimism, and intellect. It is used to enhance focus, boost self-esteem, and promote a positive mindset. Yellow can also be used to address issues related to anxiety, low self-confidence, and a lack of mental clarity.

Green: Green is associated with balance, harmony, and renewal. It is used to promote relaxation, soothe the nervous system, and foster emotional healing. Green can be beneficial for those seeking relief from stress, insomnia, or feelings of resentment.

Blue: Blue is often associated with calmness, communication, and self-expression. It is used to reduce anxiety, promote tranquility, and enhance verbal and artistic expression. Blue can be used to address issues related to insomnia, anger, and difficulties with communication.

Indigo: Indigo is associated with intuition, spirituality, and deep inner knowing. It is used to promote introspection, enhance intuition, and facilitate spiritual growth. Indigo can be beneficial for those seeking relief from insomnia, spiritual disconnection, or lack of clarity.

Violet: Violet is often associated with spirituality, transformation, and connection to higher consciousness. It is used to inspire creativity, deepen meditation, and support inner growth. Violet can also be used to address issues related to addiction, spiritual disconnection, or lack of inspiration.

Application of Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy can be applied in various ways, depending on individual preferences and needs. At Balian Springs, our Chromotherapy sauna provides a rejuvenating experience that combines the benefits of traditional sauna therapy with the healing potential of color therapy. 

Based on the belief that colors can influence our energy and well-being, this unique sauna utilizes specific colors to promote balance and enhance both physical and psychological components.

By spending time in our Chromotherapy sauna and selecting the colors that resonate with your specific needs, you can create a personalized healing experience. The gentle illumination of the chosen color creates a serene ambiance, promoting relaxation and overall well-being.

Interested in experiencing the power of color therapy and indulging in the revitalizing benefits of our Chromotherapy sauna? Book your experience at Balian Springs today and allow the harmonizing colors to balance your energy, uplift your mood, and promote a sense of holistic well-being.

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